You Can Never Go Wrong with Chicken

You Can Never Go Wrong with Chicken

Chicken is probably one of the most favorited dishes in the world. You can never have too much chicken. However, Korea has literally made it one of the appreciated national cultures for the people and they simply cannot live without it.

Just how much do Koreans like to eat chicken? Well, I can positively say that Koreans are obsessed to the point that they have created a ginormous amount of different types of chicken than you can literally count. There are so many varieties: fried, dunked in hot sauce, baked, and so much more. Everyone, from children to the elderly, can enjoy a nice dish of chicken just about anytime that they wish.

Half &Half Chicken at Kyochon

Children love to enjoy their favorite type of chicken with a nice cup of soda. But on the other hand, the adults adore the chicken and beer combo without a doubt, also known as chi-maek (치맥) in Korea. This word is a combination of the words chicken and maekju, which is the Korean word for beer.

Chicken&French Fries with Beer (Maekju)

Restaurants that mainly serve chicken compete with others for attracting of customers. Popular places that are well-known all over the world selling fried chicken are KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Popeye’s. The chickens that they sell are usually served with thicker coating and tend to be heavier with oil. Koreans’ method is a bit different because their dishes are usually much lighter and crispier. Their chickens are dipped in various sauces, depending on the place’s preference. A couple of well-known restaurants include Kyochon, Kkanbu, BHC, and Oppadak. These are only a few out of a long list of places.

There are so many restaurants that sell chicken wherever you go that you have a harder time deciding where to eat. But in case you lose your way and can’t seem to find one, just follow your nose and have faith. You’ll find a block with at least one chicken restaurant that serves beer to go along with your delicious meal.