Use the Seoul Bike Rental to Easily Travel the City

Use the Seoul Bike Rental to Easily Travel the City

Transportation in Korea is one of the best around the world. There are subways, buses, and taxis that you can use almost anytime during the day to reach a destination. Koreans have gotten used to the simple way of commuting somewhere that they use only vehicles to travel.

In order to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) and create a healthy lifestyle for the people in Korea, the government launched a public bike-rental service in 2015 called Seoul Bikes, or Ddareungi (따릉이) in Korean. Bikes are an excellent way to travel long distances that may be a bit too far to walk. Let’s learn a bit about what these Seoul Bikes are.

What is Seoul Bike (따릉이)?

It was established to be a self-serving system that could be used by anyone. There are over 150 rental docks around Seoul. These bikes are an excellent way to travel if you want to reach somewhere quick but don’t want to walk or take vehicles.

They’re relatively simple to rent. The Seoul bike rental system has its own website to rent a bike in a matter of minutes. Go to their official Seoul Bikes Homepage and create an account. A 4 digit code will be generated and you’ll enter it in the bike for rental.

Seoul Bikes are eco-friendly and cheap. There are multiple passes depending on how often you’ll need to ride a bike. For example, the one-day pass, 1,000 won, and the 7-day pass, 3,000 won, are the popular ones. You can use the bikes whenever throughout the rental period, but you have to return them to a rental station within 60 minutes. If you’re late, then you’ll need to pay a late additional fee of 1,000 won per 30 minutes. Same with the 7-day pass.

You can register and pay anywhere, anytime via PC or mobile if you want to rent a bike. Only enter the length of time that you want to use the bike and that should be it. For more information about payments and other questions, go to their Seoul Bikes site.

If you are in need of transportation and would prefer to travel with your own two legs, why not try renting a Seoul Bike.