The Mysteries of Chopsticks

The Mysteries of Chopsticks

Hey everyone! Seoul Hunters back with another topic. This time, we’re going to talk about the famous thin pair of eating utensils, otherwise known as chopsticks. Chopsticks have been around for far longer than you would think. Some of the types that are popular originate from Korea, China, and Japan. Today, we’re going to talk about the differences between each one.


Korean Chopsticks

Korean chopsticks are medium length compared to Chinese and Japanese chopsticks. The tips are flat and usually, the whole stick is flat in shape as well. Most chopsticks you find in Korea are made of metal. On occasion, there are ones made of wood, but most restaurants use the metal ones. People say that metal is used in order to be more hygienic. Koreans think that wooden chopsticks are more prone to still hold germs even after washing it. Korean metal chopsticks are definitely heavier and difficult to hold onto compared to wooden ones. However, they are without a doubt, much easier to clean and better for the environment than disposable wooden chopsticks.


Chinese Chopsticks

In China, chopsticks are longer in length and thicker in girth. The ends of the sticks are also flat. They mainly have blunt tips due to the fact that their dishes are served in chunks and not thin slices. The reason that Chinese chopsticks are the longest out of the two countries is that dishes are usually set in the middle of the table for all to share. The holders need to be able to reach far distances.


Japanese Chopsticks

Japanese chopsticks are usually shorter in length compared to other chopsticks. But not only are they shorter, but they are also tapered to a fine point as well. Japanese chopsticks are finer because they were made to carry thin slices of food and help in eating fish. Most Japanese cuisines consist of thin slices and fish is consumed very often. Due to their eating habits, their chopsticks were modified accordingly. Japanese chopsticks are traditionally made of wood or bamboos. Also, Japan was the first in the whole world to produce disposable chopsticks.


Hope this helps in distinguishing between these three types of chopsticks. Before we end this post, we want to give you a heads up in using these utensils. Try to avoid poking or spearing food, pointing, and waving with your chopsticks. These are not toys to be played around with and it is considered bad manners to do that in front of someone. Thanks for reading!