The Best Place to Use Computers

The Best Place to Use Computers

What’s up everyone! Seoul Hunters back to inform you of yet another Korean culture that you may or may not know of. Let’s say that it’s your first time in Korea and you need to use a computer, but yours is either too slow or just plain old. Then there’s only one place that could solve your problem. It’s called a PC Bang.

The word “bang” is pronounced as “bahng” and its translation means “PC Room.” As the name suggests, it is a place filled with computers and lots of it. Similar to an Internet café, customers have to pay in order to use them. Internet access is pretty fast and convenient in Korea so you don’t have to worry about slow Internet connection speed. These computers are also all built with high-quality specs because the majority of the people that come to these places play games.

That’s right! It is mostly full of gamers. The computers have to be able to withstand hardcore games. Some of the popular games right now are Overwatch, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and GTA (Grand Theft Auto). Once you enter one PC Bang, you’ll be overwhelmed with PC gamers playing these games. You’ll likely only hear people talking to their mikes since almost all the games that come out are online multiplayer.

Here’s a little interesting fact. Quite a number of professional gamers come from Korea too. When someone mentions StarCraft, Blizzard’s hit game, you immediately think of Koreans, because they’re quite good at this game.


Ranging from kids to adults, anyone can come to a PC Bang and spend as much time as they desire, as long as they pay the fee of course. It depends highly on what you use the computer for, but the cost is not that expensive. It’s pretty cheap actually if you think about it.

Moderate places charge about 1,000 KRW (which is roughly about 1 dollar) per hour. If you pay multiple hours in advance, then the cost goes down a bit. If you consider the fact that you have the opportunity to use a highly upgraded pc for a decent price, it’s not too bad. It’s better than buying or building a high-end pc of your own for thousands of dollars.


Food and Drinks

If the cost wasn’t enough to convince you to try this place, then there is another service that just might do the trick. All the PC Bang’s have a little snack café that offers food and drinks. It’s not exactly 5 stars, but it certainly attracts and satisfies the customers. You basically have the ability to order coffee, soda, snacks, burgers, and other types of food without having to leave your game for too long. This is paradise for hardcore gamers.

There’s a button on the desktop screen with a picture of food on it. After you click on it a screen with various types of snacks pops up. Once you choose your snacks, pick the type of payment and the staff will bring it to you.


Where to Find One

PC Bang’s are literally in every corner of each block. If you’re having difficulty locating one, you can easily find one near a subway station with a sign that has the word “PC” in huge letters. Another good thing about this place beside the cost, snacks, and fast Internet, is that it’s open 24 hours every day. You can stay there for days if that’s what you desire (don’t really recommend it).

So if you suddenly have time during your trip to Korea, or you have nothing much to do and desire some fun gaming, then PC Bang is the perfect place for you. There’s air conditioning in the hot summer and the heater is on for the freezing winter. It’s the best place to spend time for all ages.