Shopping Near Ewha Woman’s University

Shopping Near Ewha Woman’s University

A very famous educational institute dating back to the later 1800s is the Ewha Woman’s University, aka Edae (이대). Located in the northwestern part of Seoul, this university is famous for being the largest university for women in South Korea.

This campus is famous for its very lovely scenery during all four seasons. Surrounded by nature and European architecture, it’s quite a spectacle when surrounded by foliage during fall and snow during winter.

In front of the university, it’s also one of the most popular shopping districts in Seoul. Also known as Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street, the area is lined up with shops, cafes, and restaurants, eventually leading to the nearby Sinchon, which features even more places to hang with friends. This Ewha’s street is a popular destination especially for young women due to most of the cafes serving delicious, sweet desserts and also stores that sell famous designer brands.


Here’s how to reach the fashion street of Ewha Woman’s University. “Ewha Woman’s University” Station, or 이대역, is the subway station and it’s located in northwestern Seoul on Line 2. Get off exit 2 or 3 and you’re there! You’ll start to see plenty of cafes and stores just waiting for customers. If you want to head to even more street stalls, then we recommend heading a bit more north. Go towards the school and turn into the alley on the left of the main entrance. There will be additional street stalls for you to browse through. Also on the alley on the right side of the entrance, there should be designer brand shops for extra options.

If you’re in the mood for some lovely scenery and want to get some shopping done as well as eat tasty sweets while drinking a nice cup of coffee, then you should try visiting Ewha Woman’s University. Famous for featuring alleyways full of clothing stores and cafes, you definitely won’t leave without buying a couple of souvenirs.