Lantern Festival at Cheonggyecheon

Lantern Festival at Cheonggyecheon

Hello everybody! Today we’re going to talk about a special modern stream that runs through downtown Seoul called Cheonggyecheon Stream.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

This stream is a beautiful and long modern-style river that is over 10km long. Surrounded by tall buildings as well as trees, Cheonggyecheon is located right in the middle of a bustling city. Right upon your arrival, you’ll notice that it is not just your average river. It’s a narrow river filled with rocks and fish. Also if you go to the end of the stream, you’ll come across a small waterfall that you’ll enjoy even during the nighttime because it lights up in various hues. It’s the perfect place to relax, hang out with friends, or each lunch. There are plenty of events that happen during each season for you to come back and enjoy.

Lantern Festival

Out of all the events that happen throughout the year, the Lantern Festival is held near the end of Fall. This year also happens to mark the 10thAnniversary of the festival. It features various life-size lanterns made by artists all over the world. Some of the lanterns include Seoul Station, Mount Rushmore, and Olympic mascots. To make the event even better, it’s totally free. If you want to attend the Lantern Festival, we highly suggest that you get there before sunset and stay there until late evening. Since their lanterns, it’s more enjoyable if you see them during the evening than morning and afternoon.

How to Get There

In Korea, especially Seoul, it doesn’t really matter whether you have a personal vehicle or not. The transportation system is so well built that you could go to practically any city. We’ll inform you of the subway route, since the subways aren’t so random If you want to visit the Cheonggyecheon Stream, there are three stations that are the closest: Line 1 City Hall (시청) Station, Line 2 Euljiro Entrance (을지로입구) Station, and Line 4 Dongdaemun (동대문) Station. If you decide to go to Line 1, then get off at City Hall Station and walk for about 5 minutes from Exit 4. When using Line 2, get off at Euljiro Entrance Station and walk for about 10 minutes from Exit 2 or 3. Lastly, if you use Line 4, get off at Dongdaemun Station and walk for about 5 minutes from Exit 6 or 8.

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