How to Enjoy Christmas in Seoul

How to Enjoy Christmas in Seoul

Merry Christmas! We’re back again to this time of year where it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! For those who are pretty new to events in Korea, it does get pretty festive around in Seoul. Not as festive compared to the United States, but still pretty bustling in Korea’s own way. Today, we’re going to introduce to you a couple of places where you can enjoy Korea’s Christmas to the fullest!

To enjoy some festive lights and decorations, here are some good locations for you to visit.

1. Yeongdeungpo Times Square Mall

Yeongdeungpo is a district in southwest of Seoul and the bustling Times Square Mall is located near the Yeongdeungpo subway station. The mall is famous for being a very western-style mall with brand-name stores, food courts, and a well-known movie theater. In front of the department store, a small, but bright Christmas theme decorated world will be there to greet many shoppers. The famous red Beetle car is the mall’s Christmas symbol as it makes its appearance each year in front of their huge tree. If you want a shot with the Christmas tree as well as the cute red car, you’ll unfortunately need to wait in line. But it’s definitely worth the wait.

2. Namsan Seoul Tower (N Tower)

Namsan Tower may be the hardest place to get to since it’s a pretty hard climb to the top of a mountain, but it’s definitely worth the adventure. Once you arrive to the top, you’ll find beautiful Christmas trees and plenty of decorations to make the day even jollier. If you visit with your loved ones, then the thousands of love padlocks will make the visit a romantic experience. You might not be able to see the stars since the tower is located in the middle of the bustling city of Seoul, but you’ll be able to look down the city for extra beautiful night lights.

3. Cheonggyecheon Stream Seoul Christmas Festival

The Cheonggyecheon Stream has always been a place that attracts many people no matter the season. It’s sure to gain even more attention from the 5th Seoul Christmas Festival being held along the stream. With beautiful lights and decorations shining the path to 2019’s theme of “Christmas in Seoul with Santa,” the festival is sure to present special, unforgettable memories for the people of Seoul as well as tourists visiting Cheonggyecheon Stream for the first time.

December is a time for festivity and bright lights. These are only a couple of places with Christmas decorations so be on the lookout and take your friends and loved ones to enjoy them together.