Heading to the Top

Heading to the Top

What’s up everyone! Fall has finally come, but it really hasn’t been the best weather lately. We’re a bit worried that most of the gorgeous leaves might fall during the rain. But thankfully, we visited a place with nothing but nature a couple of weeks before the rain. We went on an adventure to climb a mountain. It’s definitely not the tallest one in Korea, but it was still difficult for non-climbers like ourselves. This mountain is called Bukhansan.


It’s located in the northern part of Seoul and has been known as a national park for over 30 years now. The –san in the name means “mountain” in English and the name “Bukhansan” actually means “mountain in the north.” There are climbers all year long that come to enjoy a nice day of hiking.

It’s probably going to be a tough climb for people who don’t frequently workout. But it certainly has clean air to breathe and it helps liven those lungs. And the best part about climbing all the way to the top is definitely the view. After climbing for about 2 hours and sweating to the point of completely soaking our shirts, the view wiped all of the exhaustion right out. It was absolutely an amazing experience, even though we were almost dying afterwards.


How to Get There

There are a couple of ways to get to this gorgeous mountain, but we’ll tell you how we got there. We first met up at Gyeongbokgung Station. Here’s a little tip: try to get there early sometime in the morning. The view up top is pretty awesome when it’s in the afternoon and it’ll be sometime in the late afternoon by the time you come back down. So remember that early is best. Now once you arrive at Gyeongbokgung Station, use Exit 2 and they’ll be a bus stop right next to it. Take bus number 8772 for about 15 minutes and get off at Bukhansan Entrance. Then follow the other climbers and you’re all set. Important tip! Loop up a couple of routes to take on the mountain before actually starting. Some may be harder than others. It’s always better to be prepared than underestimate the wilderness.

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