Guide to Myeongdong

Guide to Myeongdong

Seoul Hunters back again with another “Places to Visit” in the capital of South Korea. Today’s main place of interest is the Myeongdong District. Hundreds of travelers visit the bustling district of Myeongdong when they visit Korea. But the question is, what’s so interesting about Myeongdong? We’re here today to tell you some of the many reasons as to why there are so many people coming to this area.


Shopping District

The first reason is the shopping district. It’s located within Myeongdong and it is huge. There are shops ranging from cosmetics to clothing. Most travelers, especially women, come to shop for their makeup needs. There is literally a cosmetics shop located in each corner of a block. While browsing the bustling streets of Myeongdong, you’ll definitely get hungry. But not to worry. There are a variety of delicious restaurants everywhere and the streets are also filled with food vendors that emit mouthwatering smells that will make you visit vendor to vendor.


Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower, aka N Seoul Tower, is a huge iconic tower looking over a huge part of Seoul. It sits on top of Nam Mountain (-san in Namsan is Korean for mountain). There is the option of climbing the entire mountain in order to get to this magnificent tower and it’s not actually too difficult, but there’s also the option of riding the cable car. It’s the quickest route and the view from looking through the window of a cable car is something to experience.


Myeongdong Cathedral

You don’t have to be a Catholic or religious to visit this beautiful monument. Myeongdong Cathedral symbolizes the beginning of the Catholic community in South Korea and it attracts many tourists and Koreans. It’s located a little off one of the main streets of the shopping district. For those who want to relax, we recommend checking out the cathedral because the atmosphere of this place is quiet and calming. Totally opposite from the noisy and crowded shopping district. They also decorate the whole area with lights and candles during festive times to make the experience more worthwhile.

Hope this helped you in visiting Myeongdong. Sure it’s fun to experience the place without any preparation. But sometimes it’s even better to read a little beforehand.

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