Garosu-gil is a Charming Place for Artists

Garosu-gil is a Charming Place for Artists

One of the hippest, charming places in Seoul where cafés and designer stores are lined up in one long street is a place called Garosu-gil. Garosu-gil, which means “tree-lined street”, is an area that illuminates an eccentric flair with the combination of new and old.

It’s mainly popular for being a hot spot for aspiring designers due to many famous fashion institutes and galleries that gathered in the neighborhood. Therefore, it is also known as the “artists’ alley”. Unfortunately, many artists had to slowly leave the area from the early 2019’s because of the expensive rent. It’s nevertheless still one of the most popular areas to visit in Seoul for designers.

But you don’t have to be an artist or designer to visit this street. Another reason for why it’s so popular is because of all the cafes in the area. With beautiful coffee shops being built here and there in Seoul, Garosu-gil has more cafes than you can probably visit in a week. Some popular cafes are C27 (cheesecake cafe), Line Friends Cafe (related to Line messenger app), and Maman Gateau (bingsu cafe). The interior of each café is designed with originality and charm that you can’t help but take a selfie or group shot with your friends.

If you think that only the inside of the cafes are fancy, then you’re mistaken. The front of their shops are beautifully decorated as well. And not just cafes, but other stores are Instagram worthy. They’re so alluring that most shops have become photo spots for visitors. The amazingly decorated store fronts attract the customers and then their curiosity leads them inside. Even if they have nothing to buy, it’s almost like the store magnetically pulls you inside.


Here’s how to reach the charming Garosu-gil. Take Line 3 and get off Sinsa Station (신사역). Use Exit 8 and walk for about 2 blocks (approximately 2 minutes). There should be a sign indicating that you’ve reached the long and famous Garosu-gil. If you see a bunch of people walking down the street and fancy cafes, then you’re there. In case you might get lost, there’re also informative map pamphlets offered throughout Garosu-gil for free. If you need to find a special café or store or just want one as a souvenir, take one and explore.

Here’s a tip to visiting Garosu-gil. Go visit during autumn season if you can! It’ll be the best experience than visiting during the other seasons since the street is lined with gingko trees. The leaves of all the lined up trees will turn into golden yellow during autumn. You’ll totally forget that you’re in Seoul because of all the beautiful nature surrounding you.

Garosu-gil is a place that defines charm and art. If you love going to hot cafes and doing a little shopping as well as taking selfies with beautifully decorated stores or backdrop, then you must drop by Garosu-gil. It’ll take you a couple of visits just to see every alleyway.