Climb Lotte World Tower and View All of Seoul

Climb Lotte World Tower and View All of Seoul

Soaring high with a height of 555m in the sky, Lotte World Tower is the beauty and pride of South Korea. This building has 123 floors and is ranked number 6 as one of the tallest buildings in the world. Near the base of the tower is a mall that attracts many visitors, offering them stores, cafes, restaurants, and even a concert hall.

It’s totally free to enter the tower and wander around the mall, but you do need to buy tickets in order to visit the Observation Deck up above. There’s a ticket booth near the center of the base where you can purchase tickets. You also have the option of buying them online. The tickets are 27,000 won for adults and 24,000 won for children. The opening hours of the tower is from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm.

After purchasing your ticket, you’ll be led to an elevator straight up to the top. The elevator is covered with LED displays on all sides, showing the riders an animation of the evolution of South Korea. Once you reach the Observation Deck, you’ll have a couple more floors to view Seoul, as well as small cafes and stores to purchase souvenirs.

Covering all sides with tall glass walls, you’ll be able to watch Seoul move on the tallest building in Korea. You can even see Seokchon Lake and Lotte World amusement park if you look straight down. On one specific side of the building, you can test your courage by standing on the glass-floor deck. It might leave your knees shaking for a bit, but you’ll get to take amazing pictures that’ll leave a lifetime.


Here’s how to reach the amazing Lotte World Tower. Take Line 2 (or line 8) and get out Exit 2 of Jamsil Station (잠실역). As soon as you step out, you’ll be faced with a huge building. If you look up and have difficulty seeing the top, then you’ve reached Lotte World Tower.

Lotte World Tower is without a doubt a remarkable architectural achievement in Seoul. It symbolizes the accomplishments of man when combining modern technology and traditional culture together. If you’re looking for a stunning view of the Seoul cityscape from an extreme height, climb Lotte World Tower. You don’t want to miss a chance to experience such an iconic place. Oh and be sure to pick a good time to go, because it’s an unbelievable view during the day and night.