Chicken at BHC Chicken

Chicken at BHC Chicken

Other than Korean BBQ and cosmetics, Korea is also well known for their delicious chicken culture. This is probably quite obvious during your travel around Seoul as you will discover various chicken restaurants on every corner of a street. But to some of you, there might be too many chicken places for you to choose from. We’ve got you covered! As we introduced to you about Kyochon Chicken last time, we’re going to tell you about another delicious chicken brand that’ll make you coming back for more. Today’s topic will be about BHC Chicken.

BHC Chicken is an extremely popular Korean fried chicken franchise in Korea that you can find pretty much anywhere. The “BHC” in their name stands for “Better & Happier Choice”. They started their chicken brand in 2004 and BHC grew quickly and opened over 1,000 stores around Korea by 2012. Their chicken is seasoned very nicely and fried to a crispy perfection while the inside meat is incredibly juicy. They use 30 natural ingredients and sunflower oil to season and flavor the chicken.

What to Get

BHC offers several different flavors. Some of their popular menus include Prinkle Chicken and Macho King Chicken. From our experience, these two are absolutely the tastiest.

There have been many mukbang (eating show originating in South Korea) YouTubers try some of the new chicken from chicken brands, including BHC Chicken. One of the dishes that they ate from BHC was “Prinkle” (뿌링클) chicken. Prinkle chicken is covered in an addictive cheesy powder that consists of blue and cheddar cheese. Along with onion and garlic, the magic seasoning for Prinkle is complete!

Their other popular chicken is Macho King (맛초킹) Chicken. This King dish of chickens is glazed with a sweet and salty blended sauce that’s made with aged soy sauce and honey. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, savory, and spicy.

But a hot plate of chicken can’t be complete without a cold cup of beer. Korean’s chimaek (치맥) culture where you eat chicken with beer is incredible only if the chicken is amazing and the beer is cold. BHC Chicken definitely doesn’t disappoint in this department. We highly suggest getting at least one of the suggested flavors to maximize the chicken experience.

BHC Chicken is one of the longest-running chicken places that has created their own delicious spice that gives their customers one heck of an experience. It’s definitely a place that you have to try going to when you’re a chicken lover like us. If you’re looking for some tasty food that’s only a bit spicy, but full of plenty of spice, then BHC Chicken might just be for you.