Boongeou Bbang is the Perfect Fall Snack

Boongeou Bbang is the Perfect Fall Snack

Fall is finally here! The air is cold and the leaves are slowly turning color. If you haven’t noticed much change to the nature, then take a look at the change in Seoul’s street food.

There are a couple of season-oriented snacks here in Korea. But there is a must-have out of all of those, and that’s Boongeo Bbang (붕어빵). This snack is very common street food and it’s basically roasted cake with red bean paste on the inside.

What is Boongeou Bbang?

The word in the name “Boongeou” means carp, a fish, and “Bbang” means bread in Korean. Due to its appearance, which resembles a fish, Koreans named it Boongeou Bbang. The flour batter covers the red bean paste in the middle and then baked in-between fish-shaped molds. They’re crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, making it the perfect snack to have during fall and winter. We recommended that you eat it as soon as possible since it will get soggy if left uneaten in the served bag.

Moreover, there are a variety of versions of Boongeou Bbang fillings, such as custard or chocolate. Not every cart sells all the variations. So be on the lookout if you want a flavor other than red bean paste, which is the basic ingredient for this snack.

Here’s a fun fact. If you’ve already gone around Seoul and had the chance to try other delicacies, then you might’ve figured out that red bean paste is one of the most crucial ingredients when making Korean snacks. Most East Asian cuisines uses red bean paste as their key ingredient. The beans are first boiled and then mashed into paste. Patbingsu and rice cakes are some of the other Korean snacks that use this ingredient.

Boongeou Bbang is a simple snack sold mainly on the street at a very cheap price. This snack is shaped like a fish, so Westerners might not find it to be too appealing. But we guarantee that it’s going to be worth buying a hot bag filled with these fish if you have a sweet tooth.