Another Snack to Have When Cold: Egg Bread

Another Snack to Have When Cold: Egg Bread

It’s getting colder by the day here in South Korea. When wandering in cold air visiting one area to the next, you’re bound to get hungry. So here’s another popular snack to have when it’s chilly outside: Egg Bread.


What is Egg Bread?

In Korea, you pronounce Egg Bread as Gyeran Bbang (계란빵). Gyeran is Korean for egg and Bbang means bread. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The two main ingredients are egg and bread. The base is bread and the top is a cooked egg.


There are actually two variations to this tasty snack. One version is the bread on only one side (the bottom) and the egg baked on top. The other variation is the bread on both the top and bottom while the egg is in the middle. Just like Boongeo Bbang, you can find these bread sold in street carts.

First, the bread batter is spread on the bottom of an oval rectangle-like mold and cooked until it’s slightly baked. Then the egg is cracked on top and shoved inside an oven to totally cook the bread along with the egg. If it’s the first variation, as mentioned above, then there will be special molds that will press on the egg after a top batter is spread on top of the egg.

We do have a word of caution though. The Egg Bread is a bit dry and will leave you wanting for something to drink. So be sure to have some water or milk, which we strongly recommend since it greatly improves the tasty experience.

If you remember the Boongeo Bbang snack that we posted a little while ago, those snacks went for 1,000 won for three. However, Egg Breads go for 1,000 won per bread, which is approximately 1 dollar. It’s a bit pricier than the fish-shaped snack most likely due to the egg being a crucial part of this snack.

If you need a quick way to consume some protein and carbs, then egg bread is your go-to snack to have. It’s obviously not the best way to acquire these two things, but it’s still very delicious. Be sure to grab one the next time you go out exploring Seoul.