Things To Do In Seoul


We have 3 different Seoul Food Tours/Things to do in Seoul for visitors in Korea.

Seoul Food Tour, Noryangjin Fishmarket Tour, Seoul Pub Crawl
Our ultimate goal is to introduce you Korea by letting you experience our food and drinking culture.

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Seoul Food Tours

Seoul Food Tour
Insadong, Seoul
3 hrs


Seoul Fish Market Tour
Noryangjin, Seoul
2 hrs


Seoul Pub Crawl in Hongdae
Hongdae, Seoul
3 hrs


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Seoul is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea. The population of Seoul is about 10 million, and Seoul Capital Area takes about 20%  population of South Korea. Also, Seoul has more than a millennium history and it has been the capital of Korea for over 600 years. This being so, everything – art, culture, politics, economy, etc. – became concentrated in this city and it’s receiving business and leisure travelers in equal amounts. To briefly tell you about Seoul city, there’s han river flowing in the middle of Seoul. On the south part of Seoul which we refer to ‘Gangnam’ : it means south part from the river, you get to see more skyscrapers and modernized cultures while in Gangbuk(North Part of Seoul), you can see many traditional tour spots. This is one of the reason why we are doing seoul food tours in the gangbuk area and for you to sightsee and experience the atmosphere where still reserve its own environment.


We all know that Seoul is a big city and it takes a lot of time for you to search which place to go and what to eat. You might even face language barriers or there might be the food that you want to avoid because of the religious reason or the food allergy that you have. Therefore, We, SEOULHUNTERS, are here to help you to reduce your time of searching the area and let you experience authentic pubs & restaurants through our Seoul Food Tours(Things to do in Seoul). All the restaurants and pubs are selected with our own choices and we assure you that we don’t get any profit by visiting there. So the restaurants and food may differ on the day according to the people’s preferences who are on the tours. Try our 3 things to do in Seoul.

Food Tour in Seoul/Things To Do In SEOUL

Explore a variety of authentic and popular Korean food and alcohol as well as historical spots in one of the most famous and traditional areas in Seoul. On this 3-hour authentic food tour, your guide will lead you to three different restaurants and allow you to sample three to four unique dishes such as Korea BBQ, traditional pancakes, Budaejjigae, chicken stew and so forth. Depending on the season and your preferences, the offerings might vary. Come join us with our local guide through the Jongno district and discover its history, culture and insight.

Fishmarket Tour in Noryanjin

Explore Seoul’s biggest fish market in Noryangjin. It’s one of the most beloved markets of Koreans who love seafood. You can choose seafood on the spot and ask the restaurant to cook it for you. Your local guide will lead you to experience not only the fish market but also the surroundings with the history of the district. Noryangjin Fishmarket is 24/7 operated. When it gets dark, loaded trucks come in for the auction. The auction starts at 1am. Firstly, shellfish starts right in front of parking lot. Then fresh fish auction start beside the shellfish. The auction goes simultaneously because each wholesale dealers deal different products. By the time of 3am, live fish auction starts. Brokers spread their live fish in the box to make wholesalers and retailers to check the condition. Once deal is completed, some goes to vendors right away.

Seoul Pub Crawl in Hongdae/Things to do in Seoul

Have you ever wondered about the mysterious Korean nightlife of Hongdae? Well look no further because this will be the best night of your Korean life! You will be visiting a total of 3 stops within this Seoul Pub Crawl, where we will provide you with delicious eateries and a variety of unforgettable drinking games to spend your night away. You will have so much fun that you will be coming back for more! Korea definitely comes to life once the sun sets behind the horizon. Nightlife venues offer a wide spectrum of options ranging from traditional to modern, and from loud and upbeat to chill. And whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to be excited and having plenty of fun from Seoul Pub Crawl.

Private Tour

If you are interested in visiting elsewhere with us and you’d like to customize your tour according to your own preferences, then request for the private tour. It’s free of charge to get the consultation and we promise you to offer you the reasonable price. Any type of Private Tour is possible so don’t worry about whether this would fit in the private tour or not.