3 Tasty Dishes to Try at Jeonju

3 Tasty Dishes to Try at Jeonju

Jeonju is extremely popular for its historic architecture and delicious variety of food choices. It’s definitely ranked high among the list of popular destinations to visit in Korea. Jeonju is located on the southwest side of Korea and it takes about 3 hours by bus and 2 hours by train. Whether you visit during the winter, summer or any other time of the year, it’ll be a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

Jeonju’s Hanok Village is easily recognized as one of the many good reasons to visit this city. The chance to check out the historic buildings and actually stay the night in one of the hanok houses is a top factor indeed. But one other main reason for visiting is the tasty food. There are plenty of delicious dishes for you to try.

Here are 3 top recommended food that you absolutely need to try in Jeonju.

1. Jeonju Bibimbap (전주 비빔밥)

Bibimbap is one of the most common Korean food that you can find in Jeonju. Jeonju is the place where bibimbap was born. It’s a signature dish that is a rice bowl with vegetables and red pepper paste, or “gochujang”. The people of Jeonju are so proud of bibimbap, that they hold an annual Jeonju Bibimbap Festival to celebrate their dish. The entire city holds cultural performances as well as food contests to challengers who love eating limitless amount of food. They make so much bibimbap that they can serve more than 400 guests.

2. Mayak Yukjeon (마약육전)

If the bibimbap wasn’t enough to satisfy your tasty needs, then try some of the thriving street food, especially the Mayak Yukjeon. In English, it translates to “drug beef pancake”. It doesn’t actually contain any real drugs, but they just call it that to signify the addictiveness of the dish. It’s sold in the streets of Hanok Village, but you can also find some at the night market that opens on Friday and Saturday evening.

3. Choco Pie (초코파이)

Now that you’ve have a decent meal, it’s time for some dessert. Choco Pie is a popular snack in Korea. There’s not a Korean who doesn’t know about this snack. A bakery in Jeonju by the name of PNB Bakery has created a different variation of this popular chocolate-covered dessert. Established in 1951, it’s one of the oldest bakeries in Jeonju. Their choco pies have two sizes, small and big, and they provide multiple flavors, such as strawberry, cream cheese, and matcha. Their pie also makes for a good souvenir that’ll last for about a week. So get some to go if you want to have your far away friends or family to try some.

Jeonju has many features that attract people from far away and food is definitely among the top. Give them all a try if you have a chance and don’t forget to enjoy the cultural gem known as Jeonju!