3 Spots to See the First Sunrise of 2020 Near Seoul

3 Spots to See the First Sunrise of 2020 Near Seoul

The New Year is closing in and everyone is getting ready for 2020. One of the many things people do during New Year is to watch the first sunrise of the year. If you want to catch the first sun in Seoul, then here are a few locations that are perfect.

1. Haneul Park (하늘공원)

Haneul Park, translated to Sky Park, is located on top of the hill near World Cup Stadium Park. It’s a nature-filled plain that was recovered in 2000. This park, to be honest, is a beautiful plain that is perfect to visit during any season of the year.

During autumn, the park is filled with gorgeous silver grass. Muhly grass (핑크뮬리), is a pink-colored plant that has gained quite a bit of popularity over the last few years and it grows during autumn. It’s definitely worth taking a hike up the hill to view the sunrise as well as these lovely plants.

2. Inwangsan Mountain (인왕산)

Inwangsan Mountain is a 338-meter tall mountain located in the Jongno area. The name translates to “mountain of generous king” and has multiple peaks, unlike the other mountains in Seoul. Inwangsan is a decent place to shoot sunrises or night cityscape and is a short climb, but it’s also a steep one. You have a hike up the side of the mountain to reach a temple. Behind it, you’ll find the shooting point among the rocks. The view that you’ve been longing for is beyond those rocks. All the exhaustion from the hiking will be swept away as you see a view of the entire city with Namsan Tower in the center as the beautiful warn orange color comes up from the horizon.

3. Maebongsan Park (매봉산)

Maebongsan Mountain is not the tallest mountain in Seoul, but it’s definitely one of the best spots to get a beautiful view of the sunrise over the urban setting of Seoul. Located behind Namsan Town, it’s known more as a big neighborhood park to the locals for early morning exercising. The peak provides a view of Hangang River along with Lotte World Tower to make the view of sunrise even better. It’s surely a much less grueling hike to the peak for sunrise compared to Inwangsan Mountain and Namsan Mountain.

There’s still a couple of days left before the New Year. Enjoy the holidays and watch the sunrise to start 2020 beautifully!